7 Gallon "Big Gun" Rope Handle Bucket

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02- BGW - BW-1
5.00 LBS


Introducing the 7 Gallon rope handle bucket BIG GUN™!! Top Shelf Marine Products takes the rope handle Battlewagon Bucket family to a new level with our Big Gun™ model. The Big Gun™ model uses the same patented Rope Handle and Stainless Steel Transition Hooks as the 5 Gallon Battlewagon Buckets and the 3.5 Gallon Coastal Buckets. The 7 Gallon Bucket is 20” high and fabricated from 100 Mil HDPE.  The Big Gun™ also sports molded in handles for additional grip utility.  This makes for a heavy duty and long lasting Bucket.  The Big Gun™ uses our standard snap seal lids and fits our Bucket Grip products. The additional capacity and size of the Big Gun™ will make it popular on Big Sporty’s, Commercial Boats as well as smaller boats and is great for live baits, hauling fish or ice, rinsing gear, storage or seating.

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