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Over the years we’ve become pretty proficient at rigging the boat for Hurricanes.  We’ve been fortunate, knock wood, but we always prep as best we can.  One thing we’ve learned is that you can never have too many storm lines from the boat to the various anchor points.  And one issue with the numerous lines is you quickly run out of space on your cleats. Especially with the larger diameter storm lines.

 We now use these Cleat Extenders.  They are flexible and low profile, they fit on a cleat in several ways and then allow your larger storm lines to be tied on.  We use a simple bowline on the storm lines and this gives us more flexibility since we don’t need dedicated lines with loops or thimbles.   Each Cleat Extender is made in the U.S.A. from high quality Polyester.  With a vertical breaking strength of 5,300 pounds, your cleats will most likely part before the Cleat Extender does.

 We’ve found lots of other uses on-board as well.  Extension loop for boarding ladders or Tuna Doors, Anchor point for block and tackles on the fighting chair or tower leg.  Loop it over a gnarly piling and save your travel lines from chaffing….and more.

 Each Cleat Extender features:

  •  2 Feet in Length
  • Approx 48” Circumference
  • High Quality, Made in the USA Construction
  • Colorfast
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