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Your daytime swordfish rig requires the highest quality wind-on leader out there — look no further. Reeling in a swordfish is no easy feat, but the right equipment will tip the odds in your favor. Depend on this swordfish leader to hold up to the incredible ferocity, strength, and weight of swordfish and other pelagic predators. Hooking a swordfish is an extremely rare occurrence and a bucket list achievement for offshore anglers, especially during the daytime. Don’t let yours get away.

Three Buoys Fishing is a reputable brand that delivers consistent quality you can count on. There’s a reason the brand’s products are found on the daytime swordfish rigs of champions worldwide. When it comes to swordfish tackle, you can’t cut corners. Each of these leaders are handcrafted and hand-whipped by the Three Buoys team with rigid quality control from the crew’s captain and the company’s owner, Seth Funt — one of Florida’s most renowned daytime swordfish anglers.

These 150-foot leaders have more than 200 stitches and utilize a “Rhys weave” configuration — a floss section allows the long-line clip to attach to the leader, which is braided with three strands of 50-pound wax line. This creates an extremely tough and durable connection that holds up to regular friction, drop after drop.

Fish Razr carries the tackle you need to put together a tournament-winning daytime swordfish rig. Shop all of our products now, and don’t forget to grab a deep-sea fishing belt so you can fight swordfish and other massive game fish without causing a back injury. If you have any questions about this swordfish leader, contact us anytime. Check our blog for pro tips on offshore angling, including how to catch swordfish during the day. Equip your rig with the world’s best swordfish tackle, available at Fish Razr now.

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