Top Shelf Marine

From boat cleaning supplies like scrapers and hull mitts to crucial accessories like utility straps and cleat extenders, we have a great assortment of purpose-built products to make your boat seaworthy. Fish Razr is the parent company of Top Shelf Marine Products, so you know that everything is of the highest quality. Check out our selection, and find what works for your battlewagon.

Boost Your Boat’s Performance

Boat cleaning tools don’t just keep your vessel looking pretty. They can directly improve its performance, efficiency, lifespan, and safety. For example, even a very small amount of bottom growth can reduce speed and RPM, so don’t overlook the importance of boat cleaning supplies! Purpose-built tools like our famous Seacock and Ball Valve Helper and Strainer and Wing Nut Key (both patent pending) are super useful when it’s time to perform difficult maintenance tasks. Your boat is an investment. Neglecting its maintenance can have serious consequences. We’ve got you covered with top-quality gear to get the job done right.

Order Your Boat Supplies Today

Fish Razr is a company founded and run by experienced offshore anglers. As a subsidiary of our brand, you can depend on Top Shelf Marine Products to meet our rigid standards. Shop engine and deck supplies, hull and bottom boat cleaning supplies, and other boat accessories with full confidence. We’ll ship your order out fast so you can get to work on maintaining and upgrading your battlewagon. Take advantage of free shipping on purchases $99+. Not all boat cleaning tools and supplies are made equal—we strongly recommend that you use only the highest quality equipment. Shop top-of-the-line marine gear now.