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Never misplace your Toit pliers again with this handy Toit boat plier holder. Available in white or black, this fishing plier holder fits every pair of Toit pliers, and that includes all future models that haven’t yet been released to the market. Attach the holder to virtually any surface, including coolers, cleaning stations, beach carts, rod spikes, and of course, boats. It’s no secret that pliers and other handheld tools tend to go missing all too often. This product provides a simple but effective solution. Know where your pliers are at all times so they’re always there when you need them.

Toit is a great brand that’s known for producing rugged products that are built to last, and this boat plier holder is no exception. The bolts and screws are made from tough A2 stainless steel, and the lid is polycarbonate. Two silicone inserts add an extra layer of protection and grip to both your tools and your boat. The main body is made from sturdy POM material, and a stainless steel dowel attachment for a Toit Tether is included for added convenience and security.

Fish Razr is where serious offshore anglers buy their equipment. We offer a wide variety of tournament-grade fishing products from top brands you know and trust. Place your order, and be sure to take advantage of our fast and free shipping on purchases over $99. An organized boat can be difficult to achieve, but this boat plier holder will put you on the right track. Add this fishing plier holder to your cart with confidence, and shop all of our Toit products to complete your workstation.

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