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Prop Shaft Notch to fit Specific Prop Shaft Sizes

One Tool Does it ALL!!

We developed the Ultimate Scraper with one goal in mind.  And that is to provide the Diver with a single tool  that has the capability of cleaning hard growth off everything (props, struts, shafts, tabs, cutlass bearings, screens, etc.) below the boot stripe.  A Diver with an Ultimate Scraper and one of our Hull Cleaning Mitts can clean an entire boat bottom without having to surface for tool changes.  This tool is Purpose Built for that application.

The Ultimate Scraper comes with our patent pending, high visibility safety grip, designed for serious work underwater.  But the patent pending blade incorporates a host of features that will make all aspects of hull scraping easier to accomplish with this single tool.

Those features include:

  • Traditional forward facing scraper edge for hull and flat surface work
  • A curved “spoon” edge for working the curves of propeller blades – it won’t gouge soft bronze or nibral
  • A sharp pick for cleaning the leading and trailing edge of the cutlass bearings as well as intake screens
  • A square tang in the handle for detailed cleaning of underwater lights and other fittings
  • The scraper blade can be turned 180° to favor right or left hand useThe Ultimate Scraper comes with a wrist lanyard to prevent loss

Probably the best and most important feature of the Ultimate Scraper is the prop shaft notch that fits your specific prop shaft!!!  This allows you to scrape your entire prop shaft(s) in two or three passes.  The blades are fabricated from the same high quality material as our New Wave Scrapers, hardened 301 Stainless Steel with a brushed finish and Series 316 Hardware for years of trouble free use in one of the harshest environments.  Semi Custom models with prop shaft cut outs from 1” diameter all the way up to 4.0” diameter in ¼” increments are readily available.  Skippers of Tournament Boats, Charter Mega-Yachts and Long Range Cruisers are making this tool part of the Ship's equipment.  That way no matter where you are or who you use for bottom cleaning, they will always have the proper tool.

These products are proudly made in the United States.

This product is Patent Pending.

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