What dredge to troll

It's a hard decision of what dredge to pull when offshore fishing for pelagic species.  Many options based of your boat, region and needs.  Below is a small guidline to help you make a great choice for your boat.

Target Species?  Lots of fisherman typically pull dredges to catch billfish.  Marlin and sailfish.  But other species have been very successful including wahoo, mahi, tuna, salmon and even mako sharks.  


Size/Style of Dredge- The bigger the billfish the bigger the dredge and teasers you should use.  Some people say "Go Big or Go Home".  The tuna tornado or the newly released 3-D Dredge are the ulitmate of marlin dredges to pull.  So many billfish have been attracted to this dredge around the world.  Lots of "bait", action and color.  Now everyone doesn't have the luxury of a large setup to be able to pull a large dredge.  We offer a wide variety of dredge kits to troll with.  Small to large and everything in between.  Check them all out.  


Boat Size-  Yeah all of us don't have a 60 foot sporty.  But never fear, there are plenty of dredges to run from a center console and catch marlin and sailfish.  The most popular "across the board" dredge is the StripZ dredge.  Very versitile and effective.  Flashy, lightweight, low profile and truly easy to run.  These have action at 1 knot all the way to 9.  Various sizes and configurations.  The next level is the Bucket Dredge.  It's an All-in-One kit that comes with an included bucket.  Choose from 9" squid or Phat Squid in your choice of colors.  The 4 pound fish weight (also included) is perfect for this dredge.  Highly recommended.


Color?  Oh we can't truly recommend a color but can tell you a few things we have experienced and listened from captains all over the world.  In the United States you can't seem to go wrong with Blue, Pink or Green.  In Cabo they love their Red.  Panama and Guatamala seem to gravitate to Purple and also red.  Ask around in your area and see what others prefer.  Sometimes I think its the fisherman that cares more than the fish.  But can't go wrong with any colors mentioned here.