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3.00 LBS


  • 10” double skirted slanted JAW chugger CHASING a 7” JAW squid skirt
  • Mustad 3407 SS-DT O'Shaugnessy size 10/0 & 7/0 hooks
  • Rigged on 300 lbs AFW Hi-Seas leader
  • Tuna: UV Glow slanted chugger. Blue body, silver sparkle belly
  • Angry Dolphin: Dark blue slanted chugger. Dark body, green belly
  • Bonito: UV Glow slanted chugger. Striped white-blue body with orange-yellow belly
  • Irresistible to Billfish, Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo
  • Naturally, the chase triggers a feeding instinct 
  • Pre-rigged! Ready to rock right out the bag! 
  • Suggested trolling speed 4 to 10 knots
  • Position: Short/Long Corner

Brilliant colors, double skirted skirts, hard resin head with two XL bubble holes, leaving the perfect smoke trail behind. Raise more fish - catch more fish. The slanted chugger pushes a lot of water causing a disturbance, while leaving the perfect smoke trail behind.

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