JAW Lures Saltwater Trolling Lures

Bring more fish to the boat with these top-of-the-line deep-sea fishing lures. Unmatched in quality and performance, JAW trolling lures are designed by nature and hand-rigged by anglers for anglers. With two skirts and two hooks rigged independently from each other, the chasing design triggers an irresistible feeding instinct, naturally bringing more fish to the boat. Attract a wide variety of pelagic game fish species with these versatile lures.

  • More Hooks Mean More Fish
  • Rigged and ready to troll
  • Wide variety to choose from
  • Squid skirts help baits from Wash-Out
  • Favorite lures of many charter captains


High-Quality Materials

As experienced offshore anglers ourselves, we know what the community wants. That’s why we only carry reputable brands like JAW Lures, as well as our own in-house brand, Fish Razr. These lures feature AWF High-Seas leader material and Mustad 3407 SS-DT O'Shaughnessy hooks. Using quality bait can mean the difference between filling your cooler and coming home empty-handed. These deep-sea fishing lures are used by top professionals and champions worldwide because they work — it’s that simple. Depend on these rugged lures to hold up to regular wear and tear while delivering high-performance action.

Fill Your Tackle Box

Whether you’re putting together your first offshore fishing rig or looking to gain a competitive advantage for your next tournament, you’ll find the saltwater trolling lures you need here. If you have any questions for our knowledgeable pro staff, please feel free to contact us anytime. After adding these lures to your cart, browse all of our products to put together a tournament-ready rig. You can never have too many deep-sea fishing lures in your kit, so get geared up and ready for your next adventure at sea. Order these JAW lures with absolute confidence, and enjoy fast shipping when you shop at Fish Razr.