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15-136, 15-137, 15-104, 15-182, 15-186, 15-100
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These feather fishing lures by JAW Lures have a 4.5” skirted feather that chases another 4.5” skirted feather. The clever design of these feather lures mimics marauding in nature, triggering an instinctual feeding frenzy you can use to your advantage. Run them as dolphin, sailfish, or blackfin tuna lures — they’re irresistible to many gamefish species. They’re pre-tuned and ready to run true with no rigging required. An extremely popular choice among charter captains and tournament champions, these top-of-the-line lures are rigged with 100 lb AFW Hi-Seas leader and two independently rigged Mustad 3407 SS-DT O'Shaughnessy size 7/0 hooks. The dual, independently rigged squid skirts help prevent bait wash-out.

With two skirts and two hooks, these feather fishing lures double your chances of landing monster gamefish. The realistic chasing action and top-quality components add that extra level of performance and durability that gives you an edge over the competition. JAW trolling lures are the real deal, and we’re proud to stock a wide variety of their superb lures.

Every offshore angler has their own preferences when it comes to fishing tackle. That’s why we carry the most reputable brands, including our own in-house line, Fish Razr. You can never have too many saltwater trolling lures on the boat, so stock up so you’re always ready to adjust your strategy as needed. Add these feather fishing lures to your cart, and be sure to take advantage of fast and free shipping on orders $99+. See for yourself why these blackfin tuna lures are favorites among experienced captains and anglers. Get your feather lures at Fish Razr.

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