Best Tuna Lures: How to Choose the Right One

Aug 8th 2023

Best Tuna Lures: How to Choose the Right One

Tuna are notoriously picky eaters, so you’ll need to use the best tuna trolling lures if you want to have a fighting chance at landing one. It’s worth taking the time to learn about your options, as tuna fetch a pretty penny on the market, and they make for some great eating. And if you’re targeting tuna for a competition, you already know that using the right lure is absolutely crucial.

Of course, there’s no single perfect tuna lure. There are many factors to consider, including the species, water conditions, weather, location, and your other equipment, not to mention personal preferences and fishing style. Simply put, the best tuna lures vary widely depending on who you ask.

With all of that said, there are certain types of tuna lures that are known for being productive. Read on for expert tips on how to choose the right lures for tuna.

1. Mimic Their Prey

In contrast to aquatic predators that feed on larger pelagic species—marlin, for example—tuna prefer to fill up on smaller squid, shellfish, and bait fish near the surface. Naturally, the best tuna trolling lures will resemble their go-to prey.

Smaller lures (6 to 15 inches or so) are ideal. One approach is to investigate the local species and choose lures with a similar shape, size, and color—cedar plugs are popular. Or, you may find that the best tuna lures are flashier than natural bait. Being able to catch a tuna’s eye is certainly advantageous, so don’t rule out colorful, sparkly lures.

Fish Razr squid and shad lures are a great choice because they resemble tuna’s natural prey but with brighter colors and a hint of sparkle. We also use a UV additive that really makes them pop under the water.

2. Use Wobble Lures for Realistic Action

A Fish Razr Daymaker lure

Looks aren’t everything. Wobble lures are popular among tuna anglers because of the irresistible way they move through the water. Fish Razr daymaker lures are specifically designed to target tuna. Besides being some of the best tuna lures, they’re fantastic for targeting wahoo, marlin, and sailfish.

3. Troll With a Skirted Lure Spread

Skirt lures are super versatile. They’re a great starting point if you’re putting together a trolling spread. You can troll skirted lures at virtually any speed, although six to eight knots tend to be the sweet spot. A typical tuna spread has five lure positions staggered behind the boat at various distances so you don’t run into tangles as you maneuver your boat.

We offer plenty of options when it comes to the best tuna trolling lures. Our own in-house brand, Fish Razr, makes professional-grade trolling lures, including a wide range of the best tuna lures with skirts. Check out our Chrome Catchers and Skwitches—they have hair skirts that could be your secret weapon for enticing tuna. We also stock some excellent lures from JAW Lures, including some with feather skirts.

4. Add Bait to Your Spread

Two crates of bait fish

While plenty of tuna have been caught with lures alone, adding bait fish to your spread might improve your chances of grabbing their attention. Tuna can actually smell their prey, so using bait (or scented lures) may add that extra level of attraction you need to bring them close to the boat.

If you’re using the best tuna lures, using bait might not be necessary, but it never hurts to experiment with your spread. Here are some of the best tuna bait!

  • Squid
  • Mackerel
  • Ballyhoo
  • Sardines
  • Pilchards
  • Threadfins
  • Menhaden

5. Target the Whole School

If you hook one tuna, there’s a good chance you could hook a few more. Tuna travel in schools, so using a large spread or dropping multiple lines can drastically improve your odds of catching multiple tuna. Fishing is a numbers game. Using more lures increases the chances that a tuna will take notice and (hopefully) bring the whole school along.

Order the Best Tuna Lures at Fish Razr

Before trying your luck on the water, stock up on the world’s best tuna trolling lures. We have a huge selection of tournament-grade tackle, so make sure you’re fully prepped for the adventure. Check our ultimate guide to tuna fishing for more tips and techniques, and explore our offshore angling blog for more in-depth guides from our pro staff. Order your tuna lures at Fish Razr today.

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Les Orr is a co-owner of Fish Razr and a native of the Gulf Coast of Texas. He grew up fishing the inshore waters of the Galveston Bay system and occasionally offshore. He moved to South Carolina for a job opportunity in 1994, and his love of the offshore grew in the Charleston area. He currently lives and works in Mt. Pleasant, SC, with a wife and two young kids, 12 and 13 years old. His son is becoming quite the angler and loves going offshore to catch dolphin, tuna, wahoo, and the occasional marlin or sailfish.