Toit Crimpers


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1.00 LBS


If you ever find yourself looking for new Crimpers, Crimping Pliers or a Swager, ask a couple of questions first. What is torque and compressive strength? Torque rotational force represents the capability of force to affect something in a rotational motion. Compressive strength is basically the amount of load a specific area of a material can bear. These 2 areas were the most essential problems to solve with the design strategy of our crimping pliers. The reduced surface area at the business end, in conjunction with the short distance to the pliers fulcrum (pivot point where pliers rotate), has allowed us to maximize torque and deform crimps. This easily allows us to crimp 400lb Multistrand Stainless Cable and 400lb Mono or Fluoro leader material using either aluminium, copper or brass crimps. And it fits in your pocket! Designed specifically for crimping, they're perfect for fishing trips abroad and boat trips saving on space and weight. Take a look at our "Toit" crimping technique used for all suitable Aluminium Crimps

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