Marlin Range 8.5"

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These versatile trolling tuna lures are not just for targeting tuna — they’ve also been known to be a very productive sailfish, wahoo, dolphin, king mackerel, and marlin fishing lure, among many other gamefish. You can troll them at virtually any speed — 4 to 14 knots is ideal — and in any ocean conditions that come your way. These tournament-ready lures are designed and hand-rigged by professionals in the USA. Vibrant colors and prism eyes make them irresistible to your prey. The elongated heads are designed with flat fronts. Bring more fish to the boat with Fish Razr tackle.

Trolling tuna lures doesn’t always mean you’re targeting tuna. We highly recommend using these highly adaptable lures for any gamefish on your radar. These lures are tournament winners. Choose from four bright colors, or get them all so you can create an alluring spread that’s impossible to ignore.

Fish Razr is where in-the-know offshore anglers get their tournament-grade tackle. We offer a huge variety of trolling lures from all of the top brands, including our own in-house brand, Fish Razr. Our lures are just the start. Shop around to find everything you need to build your ultimate saltwater setup. Whether you’re planning on trolling tuna lures on a casual day trip, or you need a marlin fishing lure to give you the competitive edge at the next tournament, these chuggers will get the job done right. Place your order with confidence.

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